Sport Fields and Track

FE Madill has a history of excellence in sports.  From track stars to Olympians to Paralympians, Madill has produced numerous talented athletes.  Unfortunately, the track and sports fields are in a state of disrepair, with grass growing on loose track, uneven fields, and poor drainage that result in sitting pools of water.  The goal of this part of the project is to improve the Sport Fields and Track so that students from both the secondary and adjacent elementary schools can fulfill curriculum requirements on safe and functional grounds.  Also, rehabilitating the Sport Fields and Track makes them usable for local adult and children sports groups, our amateur athletes and the general public.  In order to achieve this, we must address specific problems that make it barely operational right now, such as:

  • Resurface lower sports field Completed fall 2016

  • Repair drainage Completed Fall 2016

  • Grade and resurface track with stone dust, new edging To be Completed Spring 2017

  • Replace goal posts completed fall 2016

  • Resurface upper sports field
  • Construct field house for equipment storage and change rooms
  • Relocate throwing circles Completed Fall 2016

  • Create fully accessible path To be Complete Spring 2017


Our mission is to promote healthy living by providing venues to actively engage one’s mind and body, be it by walking along the tracks, or rolling in a wheel chair on fully accessible grounds, or kicking a ball on the soccer field, or holding a sunrise yoga class on the lawn.  We also look forward to reaping the benefits of a happier more relaxed community, because studies have already shown that an active lifestyle leads to better mental health, since life becomes more enjoyable!