Outdoor Learning Ground

Huron County is beautiful.  And, as a rural school, the out of doors is very important to the families of many of our students.  Our location within the town, next to a trail system and the local high school, places us in the position of making our land available to community members as well as our own students. Our vision for the school grounds then addresses the needs of the school but also encompasses a spirit of community. The students and staff at Maitland River Elementary are well versed in the school's environmentally friendly features and practices that have led to it earning an Eco School Silver Medal for 2015 and wish to see much of this expanded to the out of doors. Our vision is to enhance our natural landscape so that it becomes spaces for education, engagement and enjoyment, for our students and community at large. Towards this end, when the school was built, a physical Outdoor classroom was also constructed. At this point in time, we have already planted many trees and shrubs and by the Spring of 2016, will have completed the informal classroom.  Other projects include Keyhole Gardens and Wetland Plantings.  

The Summer of 2016 saw the completion of the Sitting Circle.  A natural area for children to gather and learn together. 

We look forward to the installation of the key hole gardens in the Spring of 2017.  An addition to allow the students to follow the cycle of a garden from the compost to harvesting vegetables.

Green Areas are completed Yellow areas are upcoming projects