Building Bridges is the joint fund raising campaign between F.E. Madill, Maitland River Elementary and the supporting communities. This joint effort is to raise funds for some much needed additions and upgrades to our schools that are not funded by the school board. 

Building Bridges Campaign was created shortly after the new Maitland River Elementary School was opened. Parents, administration and community members became aware that there was no funding for playground equipment that was much needed at the new school.  They started the campaign to meet the needs of the children. Once they began the process and became aware of other needs and opportunities, the campaign grew to include Learning Grounds, Arts programs and upgrades and repairs to the sports fields and track.

Our Team


Alice McDowell
Community Groups

Corey Hayter / Trevor Seip

Teresa Farrell-Becker

Tanya Toll
Events Comittee

Patricia Smith
Grants Comittee